If you are 18 and over, Go axe-treme with our six lanes of world-class axe games featuring the Axcitement® software. You will never get bored with lots of exciting options including standard targets with alternating bullseyes, tic-tac-toe, blackjack, battleship, duck hunter and cricket, plus some seasonal options.

If you have ever thrown an axe at a boring, static, painted target that is hard to get the axe to stick in, then you will appreciate our projected targets on special soft end-grain wood. This setup allows for the axe to stick at a much higher percentage of the time which equates to more fun and less frustration.

Eat! Drink! Throw! Each lane has a table with seating that can accommodate up to 6 players, so it is a perfect environment to eat and drink while playing, which makes this a great option post racing or for those not participating in the karting.

Our experienced Axe Masters are there to provide instruction on safety and help participants find the technique that works for them.

Info and Pricing

  • Up to 6 players per lane
  • $60/for the first half hour per lane
  • $40/for every half hour after that

Sessions start at the time of reservation, so please arrive early to ensure you receive your full throwing time, and don’t forget your closed-toe shoes!